Video Poker – Tips to Always Remember

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Video poker is an easy game to learn to play with skill, so take some time to understand the basic draw technique, along with the greatest machines to play. In addition, the hints below will provide you a better chance of winning and above all make the game more enjoyable.

  • Never keep a kicker (an extra card, usually an ace) with any two of a kind. This lessens your chances of getting a 3 of a kind.
  • Make certain the "hold" button illuminates for all the cards you are wanting to hold before pushing the draw button.
  • Make sure the video poker machine utilizes a "hold" button. Most do, but a couple use a "discard" button instead, where you indicate the cards you wish to discard by pushing the button instead of the cards you want to hold.
  • Take some time and consult the draw table given above for every hand. One of the key advantages of gambling on a video poker machine is that nobody will push you. Take all the time you wish. Think each hand through, have a drink, the video poker machine will always sit there waiting!
  • If you are a amateur, select the smallest denomination of machine you can find and bet on it until you are acquainted and comfortable with the drawing technique.

Abide by these hints and your money will last longer and you will be the player to hit that six hundred thousand to one odds royal flush!

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