Video Poker – Should You Play Maximim Coins?

The arguments are nearly endless about whether or not to bet on the highest number of coins on each and every hand in video poker. We’ll attempt to make a few sense of it for you.

In pretty much electronic poker machines, the pay out is proportionally the exact same regardless of the amount of coins wager. In other words, should you have a winning hand that pays 10 for 1 coin bet, it is going to spend twenty for two cash bet, thirty for three coins bet, etc.

As a outcome, there may be no advantage to betting much more than one coin – WITH ONE EXCEPTION: A ROYAL FLUSH! Should you hit a royal flush, you might be pretty much usually paid five occasions the regular probability when you bet the highest coins.

One example is, assume you’re wagering a machine that pays two hundred for any royal flush with 1 coin bet. It’s going to then normally pay out 400 for 2 coins, 600 for three cash, and eight hundred for four coins. There may be no edge to betting, say, four coins as an alternative to one because the payout is specifically 4 instances the 1 coin payout.

On the other hand, if you wager the optimum of five coins, the royal flush will usually spend 5,000 alternatively of the proportional odds payout of one thousand. That is a huge benefit if you do hit a royal flush and you’ll certainly kick your self every one of the way home in case you only have 1 coin bet.

However, the chances of hitting a royal flush are above 600,000 to one! So do you experience lucky? You are fundamentally faced with all the choice of whether to spend your money at the much faster rate of five cash per hand in order to collect a significant payday in the event you do beat the odds and draw a royal.

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